WACHE School – Spring 2017 Class Descriptions

Class Name Description Grade Fee Core Class
A Ready Defense: An Introduction to Apologetics This course will equip students to advance faith conversations deliberately, applying straightforward, cool-headed arguments. They will discover not just what they believe, but why they believe—and how having a ‘ready defense’ with the truth has the power to change lives forever 4th-12th $5.00 No
All About Bugs This class will teach students about the most common insects in our area. There will be hands-on-games, crafts, and the opportunity each week to “bring your own bug” (DEAD please!) to examine under magnification. K-2nd $12.00 No
Almost Pre-K Music Almost Pre-K activities including Music time, Story/theme book, and craft/activity related to weekly theme. APK $7.00 No
Almost Pre-K Snack and Play Almost Pre-K Activities including snack and play area free play. APK $7.00 No
Almost Pre-K Crafts Almost Pre-K activities including theme related craft/activity and snack. APK $7.00 No
Almost Pre-K Rest Time Fourth hour Almost Pre-K is reserved for rest time. Your student will need to come with a towel or rest mat. Lights will be turned out, and quiet music will be played. Some days a short video might be played. APK $0.00 No
Anatomy and Physiology Labs Continued This class is not accepting new students.

Apologia’s Human body book 2nd edition, is an advanced biology curriculum for those students interested in a career in biological science. Students will be learning through microscope labs, dissections and other experiments the different systems of the human body. All students must have taken Biology as a pre-requisite. Reading, homework, and tests will be the responsibility of the students outside of class. This is a 2 semester class.

9th-12th $20.00 Yes
Apologia General Science This class is taking new students if your student has had previous general science.

This class is a General Science class using the second half of the Apologia General book. Class is only one hour a week so there will be minimal time spent on lectures during class. The majority of our class time will be spent on lab work and discussion pertaining to it. Reading assignments and written work will mainly be done at home, and will be graded. There will be graded tests: some in class, some sent home. We will also spend some time reviewing for tests in class.

6th-8th $20.00 Yes
Art Students will build a clay sculpture and glaze paint it. The rest of the time they will practice drawing skills, principles of design, and mixed media.

Supplies Needed: drawing pad, drawing pencil, eraser, colored pencils

4th-12th $7.00 No
Babysitting 101 This class will be designed to provide beginning babysitters with advice and tips for caring for kids of all ages. This course will focus on the responsibilities of a babysitter, growth and development of a child, basic childcare practices, including diapering and feeding/allergies. Each week class will be structured with half the class time for teaching time and then the rest of the time in the early childhood classrooms for hands-on experiences. 5th-12th $5.00 No
Ballet Introduces the basics of beginning ballet through proper terminology, technique and choreography. Dancers will learn these fundamental elements in a fun loving Christ Centered environment. We will end the semester with a showcase for WACHE School.

Proper Dance attire will be required. Leotard, ballet shoes, tights

K-4th $45.00 No
Ballet Introduces the basics of beginning ballet through proper terminology, technique and choreography. Dancers will learn these fundamental elements in a fun loving Christ Centered environment. We will end the semester with a showcase for WACHE School.

Proper Dance attire will be required. Leotard, ballet shoes, tights

5th-12th $45.00 No
Beginning Apologetics Ready Defense / Apologetics – An age-appropriate beginner’s apologetics class focused on understanding and articulating the essentials of Christianity and being ‘ready’ to defend these vitals beliefs

Easy Homework Assignments

4th-8th $10.00 No
Beginning Sewing Learn the basics of sewing, how to use your sewing machine, and end up with some fun projects.

Supplies Needed: Sewing Machine, Thread, Fabric, Needles for Sewing Machine

2nd-12th $15.00 No
Beginning/Intermediate Knitting Learn to knit with us, or let us help you take your skill to the next level! Learn how to read a pattern, the knit stitch, the purl stitch, and how to cast off.
Supplies– a ball of worsted weight or bulky yarn, and knitting needles the size recommended for your chosen yarn. We will supply stitch markers and a yarn needle.
3rd-7th $3.00 No
Boredom Busters In the class learn basic sportsmanship skills, teamwork, problem solving, all while making a game out of life. K-2nd $5.00 No
Brainy Bingo Have fun playing BINGO while learning/mastering facts and winning prizes. Each student who participates will earn tickets to be used for PRIZES. Brainy Bingo will feature the following 4 BINGO games on a rotating basis: Geometry Bingo, Spanish Bingo, USA Bingo, Rock Cycle (Science) Bingo.

A Brainy Bingo helper will be supplied for the students with info to help them figure out the answers.

3rd-8th $10.00 No
Chemistry Continued This class is not accepting new students.

Friendly Chemistry is a unique approach to introductory Chemistry. This non-traditional approach makes a daunting subject fun and easier to comprehend. With the help of Labs, games and exercises students will begin to understand the world of chemistry. Homework, reading and tests will be the responsibility of the students outside of class.

9th-12th $25.00 Yes
Christian Heroes Then & Now We’ll be reading from the Book; Corrie Ten Boom from the Christian Hero Series Books. We will learning about her life of determination, faith, and forgiveness in the face of unimaginable brutality and hardship. Her ordered life was lost in the insanity of war when Hitler’s madness descended on Holland. She has a stunning testimony to the sustaining power of God. There is so much we can learn from her and apply to our own life. In the end you will have created your very own lap book based on what you have learned to share with your friends and family. Games, group discussion and crafts will also be apart of the class to help us remember important and interesting facts. 3rd-5th $25.00 No
Crafty Bookworms Join us on a reading adventure as we travel through several great read alouds. After reading our book, we’ll have a light a discussion and then we will get crafty with art projects that relate to the story. Each week will be a new book and craft. If you like reading and you like art, then this is the class for YOU! K-3rd $15.00 No
Current Events The purpose of this class is to follow and discuss the news either in print or on the internet and bring and awareness to political events. The purpose is to keep young people aware of political events that are happening and decisions that are being made.

Topics will include: government, social issues, racism, what role the church plays in current events, news bias, etc.

Homework will include watching the news , keeping up with the news with the newspaper, on the internet, or on news radio and bring a current event topic into class each week for discussion.

9th-12th $5.00 No
Cursive II In this class students will be linking cursive letters together to form words, phrases, and sentences. We will also be learning to read in cursive. I will be incorporating fun learning activities. All supplies will provided for in-class use. There will be no homework, but students are encouraged to continue practicing at home.

Prerequisites: This class is for students that know how to write all their cursive letters, and can read and spell well in print.

2nd-5th $10.00 No
Discover America Using the Draw, Write Now Book 5: Learn about famous people who helped shape our country from 13 colonies to a great nation. We’ll travel from sea to shining sea as we explore the land. K-2nd $10.00 No
Divide and Conquer Conquer math skills including order of operations, metric conversions, ratios, proportions, and percents. Divide your time between skill practice, projects, and math games.

Supplies Needed: Wide Ruled Notebook Paper

6th-8th $15.00 No
Drama-Play Continued This class is not accepting new students.

Students from the fall semester will continue working on a play to be performed in April 2017 (date/time/location TBA). Homework will consist of line and blocking memorization. Class fee will cover production expenses. Three fundraisers will be held throughout the semester.

8th-12th $5.00 No
Economics A high school overview of macroeconomics. Most topics will be covered in class, but some homework may be given.

Supplies Needed: Pen or Pencil

9th-10th $15.00 Yes
Elementary Art Let’s meet the great masters of the past. We will learn about the life of artists, such as Monet, Picasso, O’Keeffe, then try out the techniques they used and recreate our own masterpiece piece. K-2nd $15.00 No
Elementary Spanish The basics of Spanish will be introduced in this class: Spanish phonetics, alphabet, colors, days of the week, vocabulary, grammar and basic conversation. The goal will be to expose them to learning a new language and to make it engaging by playing games and actually speaking it with one another. This class will be geared for 3rd to 5th grade because there will be weekly homework and writing will be involved.

Supplies: 3-ring binder, notebook paper, index cards

2nd-5th $15.00 No
Exploring Music II With Handbells This class will be a continuation of the first semester but new students are welcome. Students will be introduced to the grand staff, treble/base clef, measures, repeats, notes on a staff and much more through songs, games, handbells and crafts. We will work towards learning how to read basic sheet music and prepare a handbell piece for parents at the end of the semester. K-2nd $10.00 No
Fun and Fitness Get Ready to Move! Students will work on balance, coordination, strength and endurance with fun games and activities that will get us moving. There will be plenty of laughter, team activities, camaraderie and fun. Come join us!

Supplies Needed: Tennis Shoes, Water Bottle

K-2nd $10.00 No
General Music & Suzuki Violin Pre Twinkle Class This music class is a continuation of the General Music & Suzuki Violin Pre Twinkle Class from the fall semester.

I will cover a variety of musical skills and knowledge continuing our beginning violin class. This will give students a taste of what it is like to set apart time for practicing and to take care of an expensive instrument.

2nd-5th $45.00 No
Guitar I This is a continuation of the beginning guitar 1 class.

Students will learn to take care of their instruments and the fundamentals to making music on it. Objectives include developing calluses, music theory, and good technique. A complete syllabus will be provided at the beginning of the semester.

5th-12th $45.00 No
Guitar II This class is a continuation of the guitar 2 class from the fall semester.

Students will be challenged to continue developing their calluses and strengthening skills in finger picking and chord strumming. One of the end goals in this class is to play and build a respectable repertoire as an ensemble, ready for entertaining and worshipful purposes. Prerequisite: Students must have either taken Guitar I or have prior guitar experience with teacher approval.

6th-12th $45.00 No
Health and PE To use team building activities, games, and physical activities to get kids moving and exercising in fun and creative ways. 3rd-5th $5.00 No
Health and PE To use team building activities, games, and physical activities to get kids moving and exercising in fun and creative ways. 6th-12th $5.00 No
IEW® Continuation Course Continued This class in not accepting new students.

Using games, food, and other fun, interactive lessons, students will learn how to effectively use a wide range of structural models and stylistic techniques in their writing compositions. Grammar is fluidly incorporated into the fabric of IEW writing, and any particular grammar challenges will be addressed as needed but basic grammar knowledge is a must! Both parents and students will be amazed at the student’s progress as a writer from the first day to the last day. This is the second semester of the course. Weekly homework is mandatory and grades for each semester are provided.

6th-9th $15.00 Yes
IEW Fun and Fascinating Continued This class is not accepting new students

Using IEW’s All Things Fun and Fascinating, students will write on a wide variety of fun and fascinating topics while working progressively through the IEW workbook. Humorous characters, cunning creatures, and meritorious men of history will captivate 3rd-5th graders as they learn to write with structure and style. Along the way techniques in note-taking will be covered as we work to master stylistic elements such as sentence openers and dress-ups (quality adjectives, strong verbs, vivid adverbs, noun clauses, and adverbial clauses). Grammar is fluidly incorporated into the fabric of IEW writing, and any particular grammar challenges will be addressed as needed. This IEW course may be taken more than once in order to reinforce the basic skills! New assignments will be presented every year, so the class will always be a new experience.

Note: This is a year long course.

Prerequisite: Students should know basic sentence structure and will be expected to turn in weekly assignments.

3rd-5th $5.00 Yes
IEW Medieval History Based Writing Continued This class is not accepting new students

Civilizations, events, and major figures of the Middle Ages come to life as students write using IEW’s stylistic techniques. These lessons acquaint young learners with Charlemagne, the Vikings, knighthood, geniuses of the Renaissance, and more! Students will write 1 paper a week.

Note: This is a year long course.

Prerequisite: Must have previous IEW experience.

4th-6th $5.00 Yes
Innovation Station Innovation Station is a S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) class in which students will be given a challenge or activity to solve in an individual or team-based manner. This class gives kids a chance to apply problem-solving skills, test their ideas, experiment, collaborate, and have fun. They will build and make cool things! K-3rd $20.00 No
Intro to Drama This will be a fun, low pressure class for both beginners and seasoned actors. Teacher approval is required for grade 6 enrollments. Students will learn basics about theater arts and apply drama techniques through games and exercises. The goal is to help beginner students learn to be more comfortable in front of an audience, and for experienced students to refine their techniques. Homework will consist mainly of line memorization for skits, plus some light reading as assigned. 6th-12th $10.00 No
Jewelry Making During this class your child will be introduced to the basic tools and techniques used to create various types of jewelry. Your child will go home each week with some type of jewelry they have made that day. 2nd-4th $15.00 No
Junior High Spanish Continued Continuing from previous semester: verb conjugation, conversation, vocabulary, translation, spelling, reading and writing. Weekly homework and practice time will be required.

Supplies: 3-ring binder, notebook paper, index cards

6th-8th $15.00 Yes
Lego Mechanics 1 Students will work with a partner to build projects out of Legos. They will follow the Lego Curriculum instructions , use logic and problem solving techniques as they build racers, postal weights, and more. Videos and photos will be posted on the private WACHE members FB group so they can show family and friends. 3rd-5th $5.00 No
Life Skills Let’s learn how much it will cost to support ourselves and see if our job will accomplish that task. We will cover searching for a job, completing job applications, dressing for your interview(s), attending a mock interview, locating housing, assessing utility costs, completing a trial run for groceries and staples, estimating vehicle, fuel and insurance costs and entertainment spending. We will estimate our earning power and check it against our spending wishes to see if we can balance our bank account. Being aware of our surroundings can be key to avoiding mishaps while at work or play. This class will cover techniques for personal safety in addition to planning for your future. 9th-12th $5.00 No
Literature Adventures- The Horse & His Boy by C.S. Lewis We continue our magical adventure into Narnia and other lands in this classic story of friendship and fantasy. Students will learn new vocabulary, complete activities and uncover spiritual treasures as we read The Horse and His Boy and listen along to the Audiobook. Students will have the opportunity to earn prizes by completing a weekly book log and participating in a “Living Book Report” at the end of the semester.

Class fee includes an individual copy of The Horse and His Boy book, workbook and in-class activities.

Supplies Needed: Pencil, & Colored Pencils

3rd-8th $20.00 No
Move into Reading Returning and New Students Welcome! The class fee is $10 for new students and $5 for returning students.

Move into Reading will be a stretching, balance, and reading class for struggling readers. The semester will start with a reading assessment to see on what level your child is reading. From there, we will implement, in order, some of the Davis Methods for dyslexia (taken from the book The Gift of Dyslexia). Some of the activities will be: alphabet mastery (clay models – frontward and backward), punctuation mastery, speech sounds (70 basic phonograms), numbers (if needed), and print styles. Each day will consist of some stretching, balance, and relaxing activities. Then we will practice the Davis Method activities. Lastly, your child will read to a teacher on his or her level, implementing some techniques learned in class.

3rd-6th $10.00 for new students; $5.00 for returning students No
Pre-K Art and Literature Pre K art and literature is a wonderful adventure! Using quality, engaging literature as the jumping off point, the children create age appropriate art based on the books we read. We will use a variety of mediums such as paint, chalk, and collage Pre-K $8.00 No
Pre-K Little Hands to Heaven Using the Little Hands to Heaven curriculum, we will read great literature, sing songs, have circle time, practice basic letter and number skills using a variety of manipulatives and puzzles. This will be a fun hands on class. Pre-K $5.00 No
Pre-K Rhythm Sticks Learn rhythm, and more with rhythm sticks. Circle time songs include days of the week, months of the year, weather, counting and more. Pre-K $5.00 No
Pre-K Rest Time Fourth hour Pre-k is reserved for rest time. Your student will need to come with a towel or rest mat. Lights will be turned out, and quiet music will be played. Some days a short video might be played. Pre-K $0.00 No
SAT Prep Course We’ll learn test-taking skills specific to the New SAT as of 2016. We’ll also focus on building our vocabularies by studying Greek and Latin root words, and we’ll practice anti-anxiety techniques. Two “off-campus” practice test days will be scheduled and attendance is strongly recommended. $35 class fee covers books and all required practice testing materials. Please email Maureen at Hitopink@gmail.com with any questions. 8th-12th $35.00 No
Show and Tell Speech The purpose of this class is for students to become confident in speaking in front of a crowd and develop quality communication and listening skills. Each week students will bring an item to show the class and give a 3-5 minute presentation on that item. K-2nd $5.00 No
Speech and Communication We’ll learn skills in communication and self-presentation with the goal of giving clear, effective speeches. We’ll also develop self-confidence and learn to manage public-speaking anxiety. 7th-12th $5.00 No
Study Hall Students must bring school work or something to work on quietly. Study hall will be loosely monitored by the hall monitors. K-12 $0.00 No
Suzuki Violin 1 Continued This class is a continuation of Suzuki Violin 1 from the fall semester.

In this class, we will continue to focus on deepening our fundamental technique, ear training, musicality, musicianship, analytical skills, practice skills, music notation, and begin our work on Suzuki Violin Book 1. Prerequisite: Prior violin experience with teacher approval.

3rd-5th $45.00 No
Texas History Continued This will be a year-long class. If you take this class in the Fall, you will need to also take it in the Spring to finish the class. We will be using State History From A Christian Perspective Curriculum (the Texas book). We will learn about the history of the state of Texas, as well as interesting facts, geography, mapping activities, a touch of state government, and learning about some of our leaders. We will do projects, and will be creating a binder full of all they learn about Texas History this year. There will be several quizzes, and 2 tests. Students will be required to complete all assignments, study for quizzes and tests. They will receive grades on all quizzes and tests. This will give your student a full credit in Texas History. 6th-12th $5.00 Yes
Theater Design and Stage Crew This is a full-year course, but is taking new students this semester. New students will pay $10 fee.

Students in Theater Design is open to all students in the grade range. Theater Design students will cooperate closely with the Drama-Play class, especially as the spring play approaches. During the year Theater Design students will work with the actors, designing costumes, props and scenery. During the play, Theater Design students will act as stage crew behind the scenes, and will be just as needed as the actors, so they will need to attend all outside rehearsals in April (dates TBA). It helps if you are creative, good at problem solving, working with your hands, and working together with different people. Drama students who are interested are encouraged to take this class. Homework may include some research, gathering items to use for props and costumes in the spring play, and spending a little time outside of class with the Drama-Play class doing a few bake sales and rehearsals.

9th-12th $10.00 if new student No
US Geography Road trip! First stop, states and capitals. Join our trip across the U.S.A. as we memorize the states and capitals, learn some interesting facts, and become more familiar with how people live in each of these unique states. We will sing some states and capitals songs, play state games, and enjoy USA activities.
*there will be one assigned project that will require some work at home*
3rd-5th $15.00 No
War Ships We will be studying the 5 types of American War Ships: coastal defense, predreadnought, dreadnought, standard, and fast. We will learn about them through a lesson, video, crafts, activities, and games. Students will have an opportunity to share a 2-3 minute presentation to the class weekly.

In June there will be an optional field trip to spend the night on the USS Texas in Houston, TX. That cost is $32 per person with a 15 person minimum. If interested please contact Yesenia or Katy so that we can make proper arrangements.

3rd-6th $5.00 No
Weather Wonders Learn about the wonders of meteorology through hands on activities and experiments. Lessons will include basic weather formations and extreme weather. 1st-4th $15.00 No
World Geography We will discover the world God gave us through games, crafts and other fun activities! Students will be introduced to maps, position and direction, map keys, landforms, bodies of water(oceans, lakes, parts of a river) & continents. We will create individual maps to be displayed at the end of the semester. K-2nd $15.00 No
World Passport- History and Geography Returning students class fee is $16. New student class fee is $27 (includes History Book & Map book.)

We continue our trip back in time and around the world, exploring the history, geography, and culture from various countries while sampling global foods and completing cultural activities. Students will have the opportunity to earn prizes by completing a weekly passport, and creating a presentation based on their favorite country for an in-class Around the World Expo at the end of the Semester. Supplies Needed: Pencil, & Colored Pencils. Returning students will need to bring History & Map book from 1st semester.

3rd-8th $27.00 if new student; $16.00 if returning student No
Yearbook New students welcome!

This will be a year-long class. We will work on creating a yearbook for WACHE School for the 2016-17 school year. Students will learn how to use online software (entourageyearbooks.com) to create a yearbook. They will do some mini-courses through the website to learn some basics for design, and yearbook production. We will utilize photography, design, layout, interviewing, writing, and creativity skills to create a beautiful and fun yearbook for WACHE students to purchase and have as a keepsake! If they have a laptop and/or camera they are allowed bring to school, that would very helpful, but is not a necessity. I will have a couple of laptops that I bring with me each week, and we can share. Class fee will include the cost of the yearbook.

7th-12th $5.00 No

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